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Falling asleep quickly due to a rapid release of melatonin in orally soluble tablets (ODT)

Deep sleep and fresh awakening thanks to the gradual release of 5-HTP, L-theanin, Magnolia officinalis and vitamins  B1, B2, B6, B12.

Developed in cooperation with First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, Czech Republic - scientific study confirmed higher absorption 600% of melatonin in comparison to standard products, and 100% solubility of melatonin.

4quick sleep is dissolved in mouth and effective from first minute after use.


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Product description


  • Night shift workers
  • Travellers into different time zone (jet lag)
  • Difficulties falling asleep
  • Light or unrestful sleep
  • Short sleep duration (early awakening)
  • Frequent awakenings
  • Along with the difficulty or inability to fall back to sleep again

fast sleep

Standardized Curcuma longa extract (95% of curcumin and other cucuminoids) (11)​​​​​​​

Scientific study of melatonin

Summary of study

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. This hormone has an important role in controlling day and night rhythms.

In humans, 90% of oral melatonin is degraded already during the first passage of the liver, thereby greatly reducing the effectiveness of the administered dose is significantly reduced. Neo sleep supplement prevents this undesirable degradation by sophisticated process that involves the formation of the inclusion complex with melatonin already in solid phase and utilization of orally dissolving tablets as dosage form.

One of the problems associated with the use of melatonin is its insufficient solubility. This can be increased by the formation of complexes with a suitable substance. The formation of these complexes is governed by stoichiometric ratios of the melatonin and complexing compounds. Upon subsequent contact with body fluid, melatonin are released from this complex.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on study!

Within the framework of research and development cooperation with First Faculty of Medicine Charles University and its workplace Biotechnology and Biomedicine Center of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Vestec called "Biocev" increased solubility and cellular absorption of melatonin, released from orally dissolving tablets for rapid sleep onset, was achieved.

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