Ultimate Q10 Ubiquinol

The orally soluble powder with highly bioavailable Kaneka Ubiquinol (direct active form of CoQ10) and vitamin C, potent antioxidant important for heart and body cells

Potent combination of the strongest lipid-soluble and water-soluble antioxidants important for your brain, heart and muscles.
CoQ10 naturally present  in all human body cells.

Critical role in energy production and slows the signs of aging/ prevents cells aging

User friendly dosage form.

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Health benefits Kaneka Ubiquinol:

  • For a strong mind
    Improves Mitochondrial metabolism in brain
    Supports against Traumatic Brain Injury 
    Increases the Cerebral Metabolic Rate of Oxygen by approx.30% in the entire brain

  • For athletic muscles
    Prevent a decrease in Nitric Oxide (NO) levels
    Protect DNA & lipids from oxidative damages
    Reduce skeletal muscle damage
    Decrease muscle pain

  • For a healthy heart
    Decrease LDL-oxidation and has potential to reduce LDL-Cholesterol
    Improve left ventricular diastolic function
    Promotes healthy blood pressure levels

  • For fertility and postmenopausal syndrome
    Significantly increase the total sperm count and sperm parameters
    Seriously improve female hormonal parameters (Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing hormone (LH)
    Improve general health, mood and skin of postmenopausal women


    • Middle-aged persons  -  optimizing and saturating CoQ10 levels for optimal bodily function

    • Athletes - preventing a decrease in Nitric Oxide (NO) levels for enhancing physical performance

    • Older persons - preventing CoQ10 deficiency, protect DNA & lipids from oxidative damages for slowing down aging

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Key ingredients

Kaneka Ubiquinol - nutrient that supports heart function and promotes energy production in cells. It has strong benefits to your circulatory system and overall heart health. It can also be used  to boost energy and speed recovery after exercise. 

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