Muscle builder

Complementary feed in the form of powder in single doses - for easy enrichment of the feed.

Support the growth and development of all body tissues.

Contains high levels of protein and amino acids to support your dog's growth and muscle strength.

For desired results combine with excercise and appropriate feed of your dog.

Benefits of active ingredients:


  • It helps to optimize performance and endurance
  • Normalizes blood glucose
  • Prevents accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles
  • Reduces muscle fatigue after strenuous exercise
  • Improves oxygen transport


  • Essential amino acid (it is necessary to eat it)
  • The basic building block of protein
  • For the development and quality of hair

L-lysine HCl

  • Essential amino acid (it is necessary to eat it)
  • The basic building block of protein
  • Starting material for L-carnitine synthesis


  • Helps break down body fat while maintaining muscle mass
  • It reduces the lactic acid content of the muscles and thus significantly reduces the time needed for regeneration after exercise
  • It lowers cholesterol, helps lower blood sugar, promotes heart and brain activity.

Creatine monohydrate

  • Instant source of energy for muscle work
  • Support muscle mass production and stimulates current performance
  • It increases the formation of muscle proteins while burning excess fat


  • Rich in amino acids (essential building blocks of proteins), vitamins, minerals and also contains growth factors and antibodies
  • Helps to regenerate muscle mass and improve performance
  • Growth factors affect the combustion process, regenerate bones, muscles, tissues, skin of the cartilage

Active substances in 1 stick

Active ingredients


N,N-dimethylglycinate HCl135 mg
L-methionine110 mg
L-lysine HCl80 mg
L-carnitine70 mg
Creatine monohydrate50 mg

Recommended usage: one stick (1 g) to be mixed with dialy feed for 20 kg dogs weight 
Weight of 1 stick: 1 g  
Packaging: 15 sticks in doypack / 30 sticks in box 

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