URO - Cranberries Prevention

Exclusive blend of delicious white chocolate and highly efficient extract from Canadian cranberries with concentrated and standardized content of polyphenols – proanthocyanidins type A. According to the latest scientific studies, this type of polyphenol offers up to 125 times more efficient prevention against UTI than commercially available product, due to its anti-adhesion effects. A food supplement designed especially for women.

  • Daily dose contains 120 mg of standardized extract from Canadian cranberries in one 5g chocolate bar
  • Active ingredient with clinically proven results – this standardized extract from Canadian cranberries provides up to 125 times more efficient prevention from UTI than generally available cranberry extracts
  • Natural product
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial
    colours and aromas
  • Raw cocoa

Production info

Private label or ready made products

Chocolate weight

5 grams

Gift packaging available

21 pieces of 5 g in one box


  • Combination of scientific findings and valuable substances from Canadian cranberries
  • Standardized extract gained from Canadian cranberries with high content of proanthocyanidins type A
  • Canadian cranberries extract has clinically proven results – it prevents bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall
  • No preservatives, natural ingredients only
  • Handmade production in the Czech Republic

Key ingredients

Standardizovaný extrakt z kanadské brusinky

Standardizovaný extrakt z kanadské brusinky

Kanadské brusinky jsou ceněné pro přirozeně vysoký obsah  proanthokyanidinů A, antokyanů, flavanoidů, flavanolů, fenolických kyselin a jednoduchých organických kyselin.

Kakaové máslo

Kakaové máslo

je přirozeně se vyskytující tuk nacházející se v kakaových bobech, obsahuje především směs nasycených a mono nenasycených mastných kyselin. Kyselina stearová je převládající z nasycených tuků v kakaovém másle a obecně je považována v porovnání s jinými nasycenými tuky za unikátní - nezvyšuje hladinu LDL cholesterolu v krvi. Vyznačuje se vysokou stabilitou, díky přirozeně obsaženým antioxidantům – vitamín E, polyfenolické látky.

Chocolate food supplements represent a unique blend of high quality delicious chocolate, original recipes and luxury packaging.

During production of our chocolate food supplements we use only the top quality ingredients. We search for specific active substances on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge combined with tasty chocolate. Our chocolate contains unroasted cocoa beans, because while roasting, the beans are losing their beneficial substances, polyphenolic substances in particular, as a result of very high temperature.

Chocolate food supplements are being developed and manufactured in cooperation of nutraceutical development company mcePharma Ltd. and manufacture company VITALO manufaktura Ltd. in the Czech Republic.

What is typical for our chocolate food supplements?

  • Original form of food supplements
  • Daily dose of active substance in a 5g bar of chocolate
  • Top quality chocolate made of unroasted cocoa beans
  • No preservatives, natural ingredients only
  • Certified manufacturing in the Czech republic
  • Luxury packaging, suitable also as an exquisite gift
  • Development based on our customers’ needs
  • Our products are available as finished products or private labels

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