PreMix kitten active

PreMix kitten active is nutrition blend, intended for the manufacturers of dry cat food, to be simply added during the production process. It is a blend of essential minerals like zinc, copper, selenium, iron, iodine, manganese, vitamin A, D, E, complex of B vitamins, vitamin H, amino acid Taurine, antioxidants, colostrum and many more to enrich a cat’s food.  

PreMix kitten active contains a high quality blend to nourish a kitten’s skin, shiny coat, supports the muscular system, the immune system and the healthy development. Our formula is designed to maintain proper metabolism of nutrients. 

Kittens are constantly growing and playing, which means they require more nutrients compared to adult cats. 

kitten - tabulka

Product description:

  • Ready-made product designed for simple usage in production of dry cat food 

  • Especially developed for kittens for proper and healthy development - support muscular system and healthy vision 

  • positive impact on bone tissue development and healthy teeth  

  • supports prevention of joint diseases  

  • works as a growing factor and immunity booster  

  • gastrointestinal impact – increase of nutrient utilization   

  • nourished and shiny coat 

Kitten premix I

kitten premix

premix kitten

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