PreMix animal/pet

  • Customized premixes as powder blends of vitamins, minerals, compounds, amino acids, fibres, starches for dry pet food, health care snacks, pet treats and animal food in one single, efficient and homogenous premix dedicated for fortification of animal feed.   

  • Simplify your ingredient batching process, we can blend two ingredients together or forty to produce customized ingredient blend for batching into dry dog food, cat food.

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  1. agreeing ingredient specification of the premix with the customer  

  2. establishing a product quality agreement to ensure all ingredients are conformant and within regulatory limits, regardless of supplier  

  3. continually checking and re-checking the ingredients 

The premixes are designed to deliver the precise inclusion level of each ingredient in a recipe to meet nutritional guarantees.

Any Application, Any Nutrient

Contact us to learn more about our formulation services for your premixes, blends or complete diet needs. 

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