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PreMix cat active is nutrition blend, intended for manufacturers of dry cat food, to be simply added during the production process. It is a premium blend of nutritional ingredients such as minerals - zinc, copper, selenium, iron, iodine, manganese, vitamins - vitamin A, D, E, complex of B vitamins, vitamin H and antioxidant.  

Our exclusive blend is intended to support metabolism and conversion food to energy. Essential amino acid promotes healthy vision, the mixture of vitamins and minerals have an impact on a healthy and shiny coat, supports connective tissue formation and red blood cell formation.  

Premium premix is enriched with complex of vitamins B. B vitamins play an important role in every cat's life. These water-soluble nutrients are essential for cell metabolism needed for proper growth, development and energy production. As they are water-soluble, they are not stored in the body, but rather are eliminated through urine. Consequently, they can become deficient, especially in cats with excessive drinking and urination. It’s important to supplement vitamins B in cat’s feed which you can find in our premium premix.  

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Product description:

  • Ready-made product designed for simple usage in production of dry cat food 

  • Especially developed for adult cats to support active life - nourished and shiny coat, support muscular system and healthy vision 

  • high amount of essential nutrients  

  • addition of vitamins B 

  • Works as growing factor and immunity booster 

  • Gastrointestinal impact – increase of nutrient utilization 

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