Health Men

Product specifically developed for men containing active substances for men's health and performance.

Supplement contains mixture of active substances that in long-term usage ensure vitality, healthy sexual function, normal levels of testosterone, quality of sperms and enhanced imnunity.

Whether you are an athletic, active young man, whether you're a 50 plus senior gentlemen, our supplement will help ensure you're at your very best. 

Practical packaging in small sticks/sachets.

Simple use, no water need, amazing flavour of orange.

Product description:

  • Highly effective support of men's health and performance thanks to standardized strong extracts and other active ingredients

  • Enhance, extend and prolong your sexual performance

  • Promotes healthy libido, strength and stamina

  • Contains only substances of natural origin

  • Vegan, No added sugar, No preservatives and color

  • Practical packaging suitable for travel, ready-to-go sticks

  • Active substance: a stick contains 
    • 500 mg of L-arginine
    • 50 mg of L-citrulline

    • 5 mg of standardized extract Panax ginseng

    • 50 mg of Guarana extract (10 % of caffeine)

    • 1 mg of Black pepper extract (95 % of piperine)

    • 11 µg of selenium

    • 4 mg of zinc

    • 1.4 mg of vitamin B6

    • 2.5 µg of vitamin B12

  • Recommended usage: 1-3 sticks a day,  dissolve in the mouth, no water needed
  • Packaging: 20 / 30 sachets in a box

  • Vegan, No added sugar, No preservatives and colour

  • Practical packaging suitable for travelling, ready-to-go sticks

  • Product is offered as private label or ready-made product

  • Packaging according to customer's requirements

Key ingredients

  • Amino acids (L-arginine and L-citrulline) are essential for the production of nitric oxide, which increases blood circulation and supports a normal erection

  • Panax Ginseng  promotes sexual health and erection by decreasing oxidative stress in tissues and enhacing blood flow 

  • Guarana is a source of caffeine and is effective to promote psychical and mental vitality and energy

  • Black pepper is antioxidant with a positive effect on a circulation of blood

  • Contains zinc which supports fertility, reproduction and testosterone levels and selenium which support spermatogenesis

  • Vitamins B to reduce levels of fatigue and hormonal balance

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